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Wealth Management

Karen’s 30+ years of financial planning expertise is geared towards creating and preserving wealth, and more.

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Personal Finance Planning

Karen will evaluate your income, assets, liabilities, and any current investments to determine your present financial state.
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Fixed Income Strategies

In your portfolio, Karen would include a mix of investments that include lower- risk securities that focus on preserving capital and income.
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Justice Financial – Financial Services & Wealth Management

Karen Justice, ChFC, CLU, MSFS, is the founder and owner of Justice Financial Advising, Inc. in Bisbee, Arizona with additional offices in Tucson and Oro Valley.  In assisting clients achieve financial independence, Karen focuses her attention on customized portfolios. She is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary who offers a myriad of financial planning services.

As your financial planner, she assists in avoiding costly mistakes, managing risks, and improving your overall investment results. Karen provides successful individuals with personalized, objective, and astute financial advice and coordinates your financial activities with your other professionals, such as your attorney and accountant.  Karen works with you to provide a clear plan of action that leaves you in control.

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How We Differ From Registered Representatives

RIAs and Registered Representatives Are Very Different

  RIA Registered Representative
Primary Function Advice Facilitate securities purchase and sale transactions for their clients
Responsibility to Client Fiduciary – RIAs are legally bound to serve the interests of their clients Ensure investment recommendations are suitable for the client and provide best execution of client orders
Regulation RIAs are either overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state regulatory agencies FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) along with the SEC and state regulatory agencies

Some think Registered Representatives are similar to RIAs, but:

  • They are usually compensated by commissions on product transactions
  • Typically not held to a fiduciary standard; when making a recommendation, held to “suitability standards”
  • Suitability standards say they can recommend certain securities or investments if they believe they are suitable for a particular investor – but they are not required to put your best interest first

Annual Compliance Advisory ADV Part 1

Annual Compliance Advisory ADV Part 2A

Annual Compliance Advisory ADV Part 2B

You may be one Zoom meeting away from control!

Our main office is in Bisbee, Arizona, but we do have offices in Tucson and Oro Valley for in-person discussions. Alternatively, we offer Zoom meetings and telephone sessions as well. With these options, financial planning with a seasoned, dedicated fiduciary is easy and effortless. Call or email us to set up your complimentary consultation today!

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